Back To School!

Welp, summer went by in the blink of an eye! I am always so grateful for long, relaxed days with my kiddos. I can’t believe that both of them are in Middle School now, I only have six summers left with them both at home. It really puts things in perspective. At least I have new kindies each year to keep me young!

But let me tell you, we wrapped up the summer with a bang as we headed to Disney World to celebrate my 40th Birthday! It was such a fun and special trip!

Now that I am home and ready to put my teacher hat back on, I wanted to share some classroom pictures with you as well as some fun new things I have in store for this school year. I changed up my desk area a little bit and I am loving the classroom verse behind my teacher table. The new pom-pom labels on the cubbies are also so darn cute!

I was able to stay in the same classroom this year, so many of my walls and bulletin boards look the same. We did get our new theme for the year, which is “Fully Loved, Fully Known Fully Me.” I had a lot of fun putting together a bulletin board that not only welcomes my new kindies, but also introduces our new theme. It’s not quite finished yet, but I will show it to you when I’m done.

If you would like a classroom tour, you can check out last year’s post by clicking here.

This will also be my second year mentoring teachers at my school. But this year I have my first brand new teacher. I am so excited to work with her and I know God has given her a special talent for teaching. I wanted to share with you all a book that I have loved reading over the summer. It’s called “Mentoring In Action” and it gives you specific things to do each month for a new teacher. There are plan, connect, act, reflections and goals for each section. I also love that it comes with a mentee guide as well. Both books are written by Carol Radford and I highly recommend them!

This year I made a little questionnaire for parents so I can get to now their wants and needs for the upcoming school year. It also has a place for the parents to put in their contact information and the best ways to reach them. I plan to keep all of these questionaries in a little binder that I can easily access especially at the beginning of the year. Just click on the picture to download!

Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone of the great Back to School resources available to you on this website. Just head over to the “Literacy and Theme” page and scroll under Back To School. As always all resources are free! Welcome back teachers! It’s going to be a great year!

Happy Teaching!

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