Sun, Moon and Stars

This last year we had a big curriculum switch that affected all of our Science and Social Studies themes. We had to let some themes go that didn’t work with the new Colorado State Standards but we also got to add some really fun themes that I hadn’t previously taught. One of those was “Sun, Moon and Stars”!

We started off building our new unit by coming up with our Big Question: “What did God create in the sky?” Then we had three essential questions that stemmed from that: 1. What is the sky like during the day? 2. What is the sky like at night? and 3. What makes the day and night different?

Being at a Christian school we teach through a Biblical Worldview but this could easily be changed to a more secular version by having your Big Question be “What is in the sky?”.

We did a really fun Kick-Off for the new theme by having the kids draw pictures of what the daytime sky and nighttime sky looked like to them. This gave us a great place to start. Then we had the Denver Museum of Nature and Science come do an onsite field trip with a “blow-up” planetarium! It was so cool!

Throughout the unit we had a lot of fun hands-on activities like Shadow Chalk Drawings, Sun Catchers, Solar System Inflatables and Nighttime Sensory bottles.

We also incorporated cross curricular activities like non-fiction reading passages, silent e words, non-fiction writing and counting by 2’s.

To download this new resource head to the “Math and Discovery” page and scroll down to Science. Or click on the picture below to download. There are two versions, one with a Christian worldview and one without.

I hope you enjoy this new resource! I would love to hear about other ways you teach this theme in your classrooms too. Make sure to check back for my next post where I will be sharing some shopping I recently did for my classroom :0)

Happy Summer!

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