Salt and Watercolor Crosses

What a special time of year in the classroom! Spring is in the air. I have loved all of our Easter activities this week and I am so excited to share these beautiful crosses with you.

All you need is bottled glue, salt, paper and watercolors. Super easy.

First, you draw the cross on a piece of white paper with white glue. I allowed my kiddos to draw the cross “freehand” but if you wanted to pencil in a cross that they could trace, that’s a good option too.

Then with the bottled glue, have your kiddos draw some diagonal lines making the “stained glass” sections of the cross.

Next, your students will need to sprinkle salt all over the glue. All glue should be covered with salt. Shake off any excess.

Lastly, get plenty of water on your paintbrush and dip it in the watercolor paint. All you have to do is lightly touch the paintbrush to the salt and watch it spread. So pretty! Continue adding paint to all of the salt and let dry.

I hope you enjoy this fun project with your students. It makes a beautiful bulletin board. You could even try making flowers and eggs too!

Happy Easter and Happy Teaching!

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