God Loves You SNOW Much

One of my favorite parts of being a Christian school teacher is when I get to incorporate a Christian Worldview into my units. Teaching my students to see God’s beauty, power and love all around them is truly a pleasure. When it comes to our Weather Theme our focus is on “God Loves You SNOW Much”.

From the beginning of the year, I explore with my students how God made them each a divine masterpiece. That when He knit them together in their mother’s womb, He had a perfect plan for them.

I wait for a snowy day in Colorado and go catch some snowflakes with my students. We talk about how every tiny little snowflake is unique and different. God made each snowflake special. Yes of course, they have many similarities but also very intricate details that set them apart. We are like God’s snowflakes. We have many things that make us similar but our identity is in God. He created us as His divine masterpieces. It is a wonderful and beautiful conversation with my students.

To help them remember our lesson we decorate a bulletin board in our room with snowflakes. It’s a quick and fun craft, and a great reminder of their Creator!

You will need construction paper, “snow” colors of paint, paint brushes, masking tape, and a black marker.

As you can see, I went ahead and wrote each of my students name in the corner but in years past they have written their own name. Each way works.

First the students will plan out what they want their snowflake to look like. Then once they have their plan, students will start to create the snowflake with strips of masking tape. I try to let them do the tape as independently as possible since it is great fine motor practice!

Once they have their snowflake tape just right, students will cover the whole area with a thin layer of paint. This year I used purple, light blue and dark blue with a little silver glitter mixed in. (Because of course, snowflakes sparkle!)

Lastly, each student carefully peels the tape back off of their paper starting with the last piece they put on, down to the first piece of tape. I just love their “ohhs” and “ahhs” as they see what they have created.

Add some cute bubble letters to your bulletin board and a few staples later… there you have it. A cute but simple bulletin board that has a very special meaning behind it!

Happy Teaching!

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