A is for Apple Day!

There is just something about apples in the fall time that makes my heart happy!  With our new curriculum, Reach for Reading, we focus on a letter a week.  At the start of school this made me really nervous, but I am finding that it works with my little learners.  Also the way the program rolls out the letters and teaches sight words, we are still tapping out CVC words and reading at a age appropriate level.

Well, this week was the letter A and I couldn’t help myself!  We had a fun apple day to celebrate :0)

All of the resources used from our apple day are available in my “A is for Apple” resource that you can download at the “Literacy and  Theme” page or by clicking on the picture.

First I read one of my favorite apple books, “The Apple Pie Tree” written by Zoe Hall.  This got the kiddos excited for our day ahead and was so fun to share with them.

Then we moved on to center time where the kiddos rotated between 4 different apple activities.

Center One: Apple Stamping!  This is an oldie but a goodie!  First the kiddos write “A is for Apple” on their sheet of white construction paper.  I cut apples in half and stick a fork through the back as a “handle”.  Then the kiddos make apple stamps in red, green and yellow.  I also give them the option to draw little leaves and stems on their apples too.  I use glitter paint to really make it cute!

Center Two: Apple Ten Frames! I have these adorable tree mats and I use apple erasers that I have collected throughout the years and have a parent helper work with my students on one to one correspondence, putting the apples on the tree and then making the ten frame.  The kiddos just rotate the sheets around.

Center Three: Apple Tree Life Cycle!  My students love learning about how apple trees grow.  We show them a tiny little seed and talk about how the seed becomes an apple.  Then they complete a cut and paste activity with the apple tree life cycle.

Center Four: Yup, we make applesauce!  You can’t have apple day and not make applesauce.   It is a mess but so much fun!

For Group Math Time we all get to taste test a red, green and yellow apple.  We make predictions on sweet and tart flavors.  Then the kiddos learn how to record their data.  It is so much fun.  This year yellow apples won!

It was such a fun day and I loved seeing my little learners fully engaged!  Do you have fun themed days with your kindergarten class?  If so, what’s your favorite?

Happy Teaching!



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