First Week of Kindergarten!

What a great week with my new Kinders!  I am so tired but also so happy with my class and each of my precious new little learners.  I thought I would give you all a recap of the week with a few of my favorite highlights…

Monday was Meet and Greet!  After labeling all the things, then adding to everything for a last minute new kiddo, I was finally ready.  It was so fun watching each new kinder come in.  Some were so excited and ready to go, others were nervous clinging to their momma’s leg and most were a little bit of both.  I had a few things for them to do that helps them explore the classroom.  I also always make sure my TA, Mrs. Nutsch, gets a picture of each kiddo.  I want to know all of their names as soon as I can!

Tuesday was the big day.  Not only was I having my first day with my new students but I had my own kiddos going into 5th and starting middle school.  This Momma/teacher was full of emotions!


We did our famous gingerbread hunt and the kiddos loved it.  Mostly we got to know each other and went over classroom expectations.  Each kinder went home with a “First Day” certificate with a personal note on the back.  I love how proud they were of completing their first day!

Wednesday was more practice and getting to know each other, but we also started our “Step Into School” theme.  I really enjoyed math exploration with the kiddos and learning how to write our names the “kindergarten way”!


Thursday was fun but my little learners were getting tired.  I think I was very brave to attempt hand prints already but I am glad I did!  They will look so cute in our “Step Into School” journals :0)

I know many of you have heard me say it before, but I am so thankful for our 3 day program.  Now that it’s Friday I can rest up and plan for next week!  I hope you all had a great week at school.  All of the resources I mentioned are under the “Back To School” section of my “Literacy and Theme” freebie page.  Just click here to check it out.

Happy Teaching!

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