2018 Classroom Reveal!

I am so excited to finally share my classroom with you!  Even though I moved classrooms again, I did use a lot of the same things… just found new places for them.  As always, it is most important for my kindies to feel loved and safe in my room.  I want the parents to feel like I have taken time on the room as a way for me to show them that their child is special.  Lastly, I want my classroom to reflect the love I have for the Lord and that I teach at a Christian school.  Besides all of that being my motivation, I just kinda go with what works.  So without further adieu, I give you… my classroom!

If I start at my classroom door, you can see that to the right I have our interactive bulletin board.  This area has to do specifically with our theme and we add things to it everyday like brainstorming, vocabulary words, picture cards, etc.

If you go to the left, you will see our cubby area.  On the bookcase I have the read bucket for their Take Home Folders and the lower shelves will be used for Writing Notebooks.  The “birdie box” is where the kiddos put their completed work for the week and it goes home every Thursday.  Our cubbies have a plastic box on the top or bottom for snacks and water bottles, then coats and backpacks hang between.  Book boxes are stored on top of the cubbies and a bulletin board to display student work.

If we keep moving to the left, you will find my little teaching area.  I have a teacher table with storage behind it.  I love using the white ikea drawers to hold everything we need for the week and then all of my teacher supplies go in the cabinet.

I love the bulletin board behind my area.  It has one of my favorite bible verses and displays each of the kiddo’s names on an apple.  It stays up all year round.

Then you will see the front of the room.  I have two bulletin boards on either side of my projector with my apple TV.  This is where most of our class instruction happens as well as building and playing on the rug.  Towards the back of the rug I have a double sided shelf.  The blocks and other building materials face the rug and my teacher cart goes right next to it.  On top of the shelf are some themed books.


Under the apple TV is our leveled library and under the word wall bulletin board our math and literacy manipulatives.  My rocking chair is usually in front of the calendar bulletin board and easily moved over for math time.


In the back corner is my TA’s teacher table and desk along with the green ikea drawers that hold my student’s writing folders and handwriting notebooks. Look at the view, amazing right!?!

Moving onto the tiled area, you will find our kitchen play area, easel, sand and water table and a round table.


The double sided shelf unit that divides the room has kitchen toys, pillows and bibles on it.  I also love my READ letters on top of my sink cabinets.  Not only are they cute and sparkly, READ is the password to the kids iPads… so it’s really nice to have it always spelled out for them ;0)

That takes us back around to the classroom door where I have a very special bible verse for my littles!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I pray that your classroom is bringing you so much peace and joy!

Happy Teaching!


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