My Favorite Bibles for Kindergartners

I love teaching Bible lessons in Kindergarten.  To see the stories from the Bible come alive and impact the hearts of my students is such a blessing!  I really do my best to relate all of our Bible lessons and verses to real world applications for them.  I am hopeful that if I can help them make that connection between how God’s Living Word guides us today, that these lessons will stay with them long after they leave my classroom.  Over my years teaching at a Christian school I have used many different types of Bibles and devotionals, so I decided to round up my favorites for teachers that are looking for just the right one!

The Jesus Storybook Bible:  This is the Bible I use to introduce our weekly stories.  I love the conversational tone it has, the simplicity of the way it explains things and the illustrations that really draw the kiddos in.  But most importantly, I love how it always comes back to “God’s never-stopping, never-breaking, always and forever love for us”!  Often when you buy this bible it comes with a CD of voice recordings of each story.  My kids love laying down in our classroom with the lights low and listening to the stories.

The Beginner’s Bible:  This Bible has great illustrations and has very easy words that a lot of my Kindergartners can read.  I have a set of ten Beginner’s Bibles in my classroom and we use them for re-reading a story, when the kids choral read with me or follow along, and when my students want to independently read a Bible on their own.  It also has a few parables and miracles that the Jesus Storybook Bible doesn’t include.  Plus there are many free videos with cute songs for free on YouTube that match the illustrations.  My kids love watching them!


Devotions for Beginning Readers: This devotional book is a daily part of our routine.  After we pack up at the end of the day, my students join me on the rug for our devotional time.  I love that this book gives a word of the day that helps the kiddos remember what we learned about.  The bible verses are simple and easy to understand.  It also has a little prayer that we all pray together.  It is a great way to end our day and send the kiddos off thinking about a way they be more Christ-like when they get home.  I often have parents ask their children what our devotional word of the day is.

Little Blessings- Questions From Little Hearts:  I love this book for those times when my students ask a specific question about God that I want to dive a little deeper with.  The book has many commonly asked questions from little kids and answers them in sweet and heartwarming ways.  The illustrations are absolutely darling and I love the multi-cultural children.  The answers to the questions are biblically based and often answered in poetry which has high interest for my students!  This is a must have for any primary Christian school teacher!


I hope this selection helps you find more resources for your classroom and I would love to hear about what bibles and devotionals you love to use!

Happy Teaching!

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