Earth Day With A Christian Worldview

Celebrating Earth Day with my Kindies always means a lot to me, especially because I can teach them to look at our planet with a Christian Worldview!  All throughout the year, I teach my students to look at the world around us through their “God Goggles” and Earth Day is no exception.  (To read more about Christian Worldview click here).

I wanted to share with you a fun and easy Earth Day craft you can do with your students this week!  All you need is some black paper, white paper plates, green and blue paint, and a printed bible verse.

  1. Have your students decorate the paper plate with green and blue paint.  As they are painting we talk about the green is representing the land and the blue is representing the water.  I also enjoy showing them pictures of how the earth looks from space so they get a greater concept of what we are doing.  
  2. Once their whole paper plate is covered, they glue their “earth” onto the black paper.
  3. Lastly, I have them cut out and glue the verse at the bottom.

There you have it, quick, easy and perfect for Earth Day.

I also love talking to my students about how God made our world as a gift for us and it is our job to take care of it!  We journal about simple yet effective ways they can help make our world a better place and take care of our planet.


I have a great product on TPT that has many Earth Day activities too.  Click on the pictures down below to be taken to the products.


Happy Earth Day and Happy Teaching!

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