Do It Yourself Weather Forecasts!

I love our Weather Theme!  It comes at the perfect time of year when we are starting to see signs of spring and (in Colorado) getting all types of crazy weather!  We actually had “thunder snow” this past week!  Crazy!  But my favorite part of our weather theme is our cumulating project: Weather Forecasts!

Our little meteorologists pick a season, plan out a 5 day “forecast”, and then use a “green screen” to film a weather forecast!  I know that sounds a little intimidating but it is easier than you think.

We use the photo booth app on our apple laptops or iPads, a green sheet as our green screen, weather “props” that I always find around the house, and this FREEBIE Weather Forecast.

Step One:  Have each kiddo pick a season and complete their weather forecast page.

Step Two: Take a picture of each student’s weather forecast page and save it on the desktop of your laptop (or save it on your iPad).

Here’s my example:

Step Three: Find a green sheet or purchase a “green screen” from Amazon.  Find a quiet place and hang it on the wall.  Our amazing Assistant Principal lets us take over her office for a few days :0)

Step Four: Gather together some “props” the kiddos can use for their season.  I like to use sunglasses for summer, an umbrella for spring, scarf for fall, and a snow hat for winter.

Step Five: Open Photo Booth and select “Effects”.  Scroll to the last page where is says “User Backdrop” and drag a photo of one of your students weather forecasts into that slot.

Step Six: Then you are all set.  Face your computer (or iPad) to the student and they will see themselves in the screen with their “forecast” behind them.  Press record and have fun!

I always start by showing my forecast to the kindies first.  They love to see me do it!

Mrs. Joyce Weather Example

To finish up once everyone has recorded their forecasts, we pop some popcorn and watch them all!

Do you have a Weather Theme in your Kindergarten Curriculum?  What fun projects do you do?


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