Slime has always been a hit or miss for me!  I love seeing how excited my kiddos get when we make it in the classroom but sometimes it turns out great. Then other times, not so great.  So when I stumbled upon Elmer’s Magical Liquid I knew I had to give it a try.  It’s not very expensive at all ($4.00 – $6.00) depending on where you look and you get 4 “batches” out of each bottle.  Plus, it works great every time and it’s super easy to do!

We will be starting our Weather Theme next week and as a little pre-activity to kick things off we made slime to represent each of the four seasons!  On an anchor chart, I had the kiddos brainstorm what color and items reminded them of each of the four seasons.  Then we picked our favorites, one color and one item for each season.

Fall: Orange with leaves

Winter: Blue with snowflakes

Spring: Pink with flowers

Summer: Red with stars

Then I went shopping to find the glue and confetti.  You can use colored glue that already has glitter in it or white/clear glue and add confetti or glitter.  The combinations are pretty fun!

The next day at a center rotation I had each group represent one season and make the slime for that season.  Making the slime is so easy…

  1. Pour glue bottle into a plastic container
  2. Add glitter and/or confetti
  3. Slowly add 1/4 cup Elmer’s Magic Liquid and stir
  4. Use hands to knead slime to desired consistency

Each “season” slime turned out beautiful!  I guess I am ready for spring because that one was my favorite :0)



Then all I have to do is store them in air tight containers to keep the slime fresh.  (I used mason jars) I plan to put them in the sand and water table as a great activity through out our Weather Theme!

Have you ever used Elmer’s Magical Liquid or do you prefer to make slime the old fashion way?  I would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

Happy Teaching!


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