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February is here!  Frankly, I am glad to see it.  January was pretty rough because not only did the flu go through my classroom, it went through my family as well.  Yuck!

I love February… the hearts, the cards, the love in the air!  Kindergarteners are so excited to exchange valentines with all of their friends and it is a happy month for sure.  With that being said, it can also be a little bit of a crazy month with all the excitement.  By this time of the year the students are pretty comfortable with each other and with me.  I always begin to see the ones who will start testing behavior and seeing what they can get away with.  That’s when I love to bring in the “Warm Fuzzy Challenge”!

The supplies you will need are super easy to round up.  I head to my local dollar store or target dollar spot and get a big bag of pom-poms (aka: warm fuzzies).  Then I find a container around my house or classroom to use as the collection jar.

Next, I pitch it to my kindies!  I start by talking about how when I see them making good choices like being kind to one another or helping in the classroom it gives me a “warm fuzzy” feeling in my heart.  Then I explain because it’s February and we are focusing on love and kindness, we will be collecting “warm fuzzies”.  When I see a student doing an act of kindness, helping with classroom jobs, working extra hard, etc. they will receive a warm fuzzy to put in our collection jar.  AND… if we collect a whole jar full of warm fuzzies before the end of February the whole class will get a special prize!

The prize can be really anything that fits your class or they can even vote on what they want to earn.  Some favorites are donuts and juice, extra recess, everyone gets to bring a stuffed animal to school or special time with our learning buddies.

Some teachers have asked me if I take warm fuzzies away for “bad” behavior and to be really honest, I don’t.  I feel like if one of my students needs redirection or a behavior change, that’s between me and that child, not the whole class.  Also I would hate for a student to feel like the great choice they made wasn’t appreciated because the “warm fuzzy” they put in got taken out.

I hope you give this cute idea a try in your classroom and I would love to see or hear how it works for you!  Do you make any changes to your behavior plans throughout the year?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Teaching and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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