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We are into January full swing now!  It took a few days to get our routine back but now things are going strong.  Today, I wanted to share with everyone a really quick and easy graphic organizer I use with my kindies to help with literacy comprehension.  We have been focusing on answering the 5 W Questions… (who, what, when, where and why) as we read a story.  Usually I do the first read through as a “Listen and Enjoy”.  I don’t stop and ask questions (well maybe just a few as we predict what’s happening next), I just let the kiddos enjoy the story and the rhythm of the text.  Then for our second read through we do a “Listen and Learn” where I stop often to ask specific comprehension and vocabulary questions.  A great book for answering the 5 W Questions is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.  We are also in the middle of an Animal Theme right now so it fits in perfectly.

After we have read the book two times the students start on their graphic organizer.  We make a lot of these “posters” throughout the school year and I simply tell the kids that “graphic organizers help us organize information.”

First, the kiddos draw lines dividing their paper in 6 sections.  The title goes in the first box and each “question word” goes in all the other boxes.


Then the kiddos draw a picture to answer each “W Question”.  I encourage them to look back through the text and have “accountable talk” discussions with their table partners as they are working.

Lastly, my kindies get together with their partners to go over what they have learned.  They look for similarities and differences between their answers as well as finding two positive comments about their partners work.

There you have it, a totally simple, easy and fun way to help our young readers practice literacy comprehension.  This is also an activity I encourage my students to do at home with books they read with mom or dad.  The parents really appreciate a concrete way that they can extend the learning at home too.

Do you have any go to tools for practicing comprehension?  Do you use graphic organizers in your classroom?  I love to hear your thoughts in the comments :0)

Happy Teaching!

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