Greenlight A Vet

It seems now more than ever, it is really an important time to honor our country and our veterans.  As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I am reminded of how many blessings God has given me and many of those blessings come from living in our beautiful country.

For the past few years when I teach my students about Veterans Day, I have been incorporating the Greenlight A Vet campaign into my lessons.  If you haven’t heard, Walmart started this program a few years ago that encourages people to honor veterans by changing one of their house lights to green.

“America’s veterans are some of our nation’s bravest, hardest-working men and women. However, it’s hard to show them the appreciation they deserve when, back home and out of uniform, they’re more camouflaged than ever. Greenlight A Vet is a campaign to establish visible national support for our veterans by changing one light to green.”  –

I think for our little learners this is a great visual reminder to honor and pray for those who have served and still serve our country so well.  It gives them something tangible they can do to support our veterans as well as helping instill a respect for those men and women who have sacrificed so much.

To help you incorporate this program in your classroom I have included a freebie product at my Kinderbirdies TPT store that provides different activities you can use to teach.  (Click the picture to download).

Some other great ideas I have implemented in the classroom are…

  1. Watch the Greenlight A Vet video from
  2. Write thank you letters to our veterans
  3. Decorate your classroom door with green lightbulb pictures (included in the freebie)
  4. Journal about how your students can “shine a light” and honor veterans this November (included in freebie)

I hope this helps give you some ideas and gets you excited about teaching our little learners just how blessed we are to have so many men and women dedicated to serving our country.  I would love to hear other ideas about how you teach and celebrate Veterans Day in your classroom!

Happy Teaching!

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