Fun Fall Craft!

Fall is here and so is the snow in Colorado!  It’s the perfect time to have a fun craft in your cozy classroom.  This is a super easy activity that only requires a few supplies that you probably already have in your classroom.


You will need paper plates, orange and yellow paint, puffy or glitter paint, scissors, glue and construction paper.

  1.  Have your kiddos cut their paper plate in half, then cut each section in half one more time.  Each student will have 4 “candy corn pieces”.  (Perfect time for a little fraction discussion while the kiddos are cutting!)         
  2. Glue the four “candy corn pieces” on one sheet of colored construction paper.

3.   Paint the top of each “piece” orange, then yellow, leaving the bottom 1/3 white.


4.  Lastly, write the word “FALL” with puffy paint or glitter glue.  One letter one each “candy corn               piece” works great.

There you have it, an adorable little fall craft that is quick, easy and fun!

What fun fall crafts are you doing in your classroom this time of year?

Happy Teaching!


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