First Day Of Kindergarten 2017!

Wow, how is it that every year I forget how tired I am after the first week of school!?!  No amount of summer rest can prepare me for how crazy beginning a new school year can be.  But honestly, I love my job and I love meeting my new littles, even though they completely exhaust me!

Our First Day of School was this Tuesday and everything went pretty well.  We have a tradition at my school to kick off the year by reading a gingerbread boy book and having the kiddos do a scavenger hunt around the school to find the one I baked for our special snack.

It’s a great way to teach how to walk in a line and it allows for a fun tour of the school.  My kiddos were super cute and they all had total “buy in” this year, with everyone believing the hunt was real.  I also love how the Betty Crocker mix that I used to bake our gingerbread boy is nut free especially since I have 3 severe nut allergies!

After our special snack, we had a quick but important circle time chat about our Classroom Rules (to see more about those click here) and a fun game to learn each other’s names.  Before I knew it, morning recess time had come and I could have a quick bathroom break!

I always like to do a quick and easy activity that allows the kiddos to “learn” how we use our classroom supplies, so we practiced cutting, gluing and coloring these adorable gingerbread people.

Lunch was an adventure!  By the time everyone had all of their little packages opened and straws in juice boxes it had been about 20 minutes.  I always try to leave a little extra time for lunch the first few weeks of school and since our kindies eat in our classroom I have the flexibility to do that.  After cleaning up the lunch mess, I really needed a nap but we still had 2 hours of school left!!!

When the kids came in from lunch recess we spent way too much time going to the bathroom and getting water, but that’s ok.  Those procedures are part of school too :0)  I always try to remember how important it is to really take time to teach how we do everything in Kindergarten.  I know it will pay off in a couple months!

After a very fast Calendar Time, we talked about Math Manipulatives in our classroom and then did some Counting Bear Exploration.  I wasn’t planning on in, but after I was done, I gave the kiddos 10 minutes to “free play” with counting bears and that helped a lot.  They really needed some down time to be 5 year olds.

I always love Bible Time on the first day of school because I talk to the kiddos about how much Jesus loves them and I show this adorable video of the song Jesus Loves Me by Listener Kids.  It is always a classroom favorite.  Turning the lights off also really helped everyone calm down and rest for a minute.

Luckily the kids got to rotate to Art on the first day so I had a little break to get ready for carpool.  Since our school is private we have a huge carpool system and to be honest it was brutal the first day.  But, I guess all that matters is my kiddos all got picked up and everyone had a great day!  I made the little backpack tags for carpool below so feel free to click on the picture and download the freebie :0)

The First Day of School was a whirlwind but I am already so in love with my class and it’s gonna be a great year!

Happy Teaching!


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