Summer Goals

Now that I have had a few weeks of summer, to help me relax and unwind, I am ready to think about what I would like to accomplish before school starts up in August.  For the most part, my summers are spent recharging and spending time with family and friends.  Especially this summer I have felt the need to rest and unplug.  Rest in Jesus, rest with my family, unplug from my phone, unplug my kids from xbox, etc.  I also have extra time away from school this summer because I am not moving classrooms and not working on any new curriculum projects for Kindergarten.  With all that being said, I do want to make sure the time I spend getting things done this summer is fruitful and that I am actively resting in Jesus, not just spending too much time on the couch in my jammies.  Below are some goals I have for teaching/ kinderbirdies, for my family and personally.  I hope you enjoy :0)

Teaching and Kinderbirdies!

  1. My blog is a year old!:  That’s pretty crazy to think about!  It’s been a fun year and I love seeing interaction with other amazing teachers on the blog and social media.  I really want to continue encouraging other teachers, home schoolers, moms, etc. and be a place that provides good ideas and relatable info.   When the school year starts things get so busy.  So while I have time in the summer I want to plan out ideas and outlines for blog posts during the school year.  This will help me stay on track and organized.  If there is anything you really want to hear about, please let me know in the messages.
  2. SDE iTeach K:  I am speaking at my first conference.  Last year I was able to go and take in some great sessions at the SDE Conference in Vegas (click here to read about my experience).  This year I get to go back as a Peer-to-Peer Presenter!  I am so excited but also nervous :0)  One of the things I am very passionate about is my Maker Space area in my classroom and how it can help Kindies learn in so many awesome ways.  It is great to get to share about something that makes me so happy.  If you are going to be at the conference in Vegas (July 10-14) please come check it out and say hi!
  3. Christian Worldview:  If you have read some of my other posts, you will know I love incorporating a Christian worldview into my classroom.  It is another passion of mine and as a Christian school teacher I feel like it is my responsibility to help infuse my kindies with the love of Jesus.  That being said, I was recently asked a great question… “How could I tell your “Christian” classroom apart from other classrooms?”  This has really got me thinking!  Of course a few things quickly come to mind like our classroom rules, Bible verse anchor charts, Bible stories.  But this is one of those things that I want to think and pray about.  I want to simmer on this and have a answer that I am really proud of before starting the next school year.  So within the theme of resting, I am being patient and listening to the Lord about the direction He wants me to go with this question that He has placed on my heart.

My Family!

  1. Hawaii:  We are headed to Hawaii in about 4 days!  I am so excited!  This will be the first time that we have taken the kids and my parents are coming along as well.  I feel so fortunate to be able to go on this vacation and I want to cherish the time we get to spend together.  Life moves faster each year that my kiddos get older and the memories we make together are so precious to me.  I can’t think of a better place to make more memories than in paradise! 
  2. Limit Electronics:  Now don’t get me wrong, on that 7 hour flight to Hawaii there will be plenty of screen time.  But my husband and I made a specific commitment this summer to limit electronics for our kiddos and ourselves.  It is so important to unplug and be in the present.  It is also amazing to me how screen time adds up.  There has been some pushback from the kids, especially our x-box loving son, but that goes away pretty quickly when they are running around the cul-de-sac with the neighborhood kids having an epic nerf battle until dark!  This is a little harder for my husband and I because of work, but when work is over putting down that phone is a must!  I caught my husband just sitting out on our patio the other night doing nothing.  At first it seemed strange to me, but then I was bothered that is seemed strange.  It was a beautiful night and I joined him out there, we just sat and chatted, it was perfect!


  1.  Resting in Jesus.  Have you heard the song “Breathe” by Johnny Diaz.  It is my summer theme song.  So much of our time is spent racing from one place to the next and I need to be mindful of truly resting and finding my rest at the feet of Jesus.  My Grammy used to say “Breathe in Jesus and breathe out everything else!”  That is good advice that I am really starting to take to heart.  I was also given this beautiful devotional book called “Devotions For The Beach” by Miriam Drennan from one of my Kindie parents.  It is a perfect way to start each morning. 
  2. Scripture Writing.  During my quiet time, I have started scripture writing.  For those of you who don’t know what I mean, it is simply when you choose a section of scripture and literally hand write it in your journal.  I love how it allows me to be mentally engaged while I am still and quiet with God.  An added benefit is that this method is planting the seeds of that scripture in my heart.

Well there you have it, a little peek into my summer and what I hope to accomplish.  Have you given yourself any summer goals?  I would love to hear other ideas.  I’ll let you know how Vegas goes but until then…


Happy Summer!

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