Countdown to Summer!

EEPP! I can’t believe that we are officially in May!  This school year is quickly coming to an end and if you are anything like me, the to-do list is getting longer and longer.  Classroom management becomes a huge part of the last month of school and successfully getting things done!  So that’s where Olaf comes in!  Yes, Olaf, the adorable snowman from Frozen.  My kindies still talk about and sing Frozen all the time so I knew this idea would be a hit.

The first thing I did was tell the kids that I wanted to show them a song from one of my favorite Disney Characters and so when they came in from recess we watched the “In Summer” song from Frozen.  Next we had a fun conversation about all the amazing things there are to do in the summer.  I shared with them that just like Olaf, I love summer too!  But Olaf and I want to make sure that we all get to summer while still finishing out our last few weeks as Kindergarteners well.

That’s when I bring out my Olaf stuffed animal.  This particular one was given to my daughter and she very graciously lets me borrow it for a few weeks every May :0)  There are tons of these around though at places like the Disney Store or Amazon.  I share with the kiddos that Olaf will be watching our classroom and looking for great behavior.  When Olaf sees great behavior he then gets to spend some time with the Kindergartner who was showing that great behavior.

For example, Olaf might sit with a student during lunch time, sit between two friends at circle time, travel around with a friend during center time, etc…  You get the drift!  This makes my kindergartners very excited and immediately they are sitting up taller, criss cross applesauce with hands in their laps.  It’s so cute!

A few other things I do around the classroom to tie it all in are Olaf stickers that are given out for good choices, an Olaf Countdown to Summer that is on our wipe board and little snowflake notes that go home to parents when a kindergartner has displayed excellent behavior.

I know there are a bunch of fun ways out there to help teachers get through these last few weeks of school but a lot of them have to do with getting ready for the next grade.  This is a great option when all of your students are actually moving on to first grade, but every so often we have one or two kindies that repeat.  So this is a great alternative!

I hope this helps you survive the last crazy weeks of school and just think… summer is right around the corner!

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