“Bunny’s Noisy Book”


Easter may be over but spring is in full bloom here is Colorado!  Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite books and an easy activity that goes along with it.  Margaret Wise Brown has always had a soft spot in my heart.  I think I (like most kiddos) could recite “Goodnight Moon” by heart at the age of 2.  But I also love her other books as well, especially “Bunny’s Noisy Book”!

My Kindergartners always love this story and the beautiful pictures.  During our first read-aloud I always focus on the actions of noisy bunny and encourage my kiddos to “act them out” with me.  Then we make an anchor chart of verbs and nouns that were in the book.

For our second time reading the book we talk through main story elements (characters, setting and main idea) while using our Accountable Talk to guide the discussions.  Then after the second reading, we make story boards at center time.


The kiddos love storyboards because they get to be creative with how they display their answers and I love story boards because it goes beyond the typical worksheet or pencil/paper response.


First, my students divide their paper into 3 sections.  They label each section depending on what I want them to focus on.  For this activity it was: Characters, Setting and Main Idea.  Then they draw pictures to represent each category.  Lastly, the students pair up with a partner and share their thoughts.

This activity can be differentiated so easily for student needs too!  For example, my higher students can use labels for their pictures and I had them write a sentence about the main idea.  Some of my other students who need special accommodations may just focus on a response to one of the categories.  I also like when my students get an opportunity to share with a partner.  This provides an oral aspect to the activity as well as a chance to learn or remember something that they might have missed from one of their classmates.


The third and last time we read “Bunny’s Noisy Book” it for pure enjoyment.  The kiddos read along with  me and we look for the McCue ladybug hidden throughout the book.

Do you re-read books often in your classroom?  How about the use of story boards?  I would love to hear your ideas and comments!

Happy Teaching!


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