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Today’s Dr. Seuss “Read and Feed” was such a huge hit with my kiddos so I wanted to share it with you!  To celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (113 years) we hosted our first Kindie “Read and Feed”.  For those of you who don’t know, a Read and Feed is when you designate a special time for students to bring in books from home (or read what you have in the classroom).  They get to bring in a stuffed animal to read with and they can also bring in a snack.  Or in this case, I provided the snack.

I sent out an email the night before to make sure all the parents knew what to expect and encouraging them to send in Dr. Seuss books from home.  I have a lot but not one for each of my kiddos!  It was so fun seeing the kiddos come into the classroom in the morning so excited to celebrate!

Later that afternoon the fun began.  All of the students were given a cup of popcorn as their snack.  Then they found a quiet place around the room where they could read Dr. Seuss books.

I was wondering how long the reading would last… but my kindie’s did great.  They read for a total of 25 minutes which is 10 minutes longer than our usual independent stamina reading practice!


To finish up our “Read and Feed” each of my students received a fun little Dr. Seuss bookmark that I had found in the Target Dollar Spot.  So cute!

Maybe you can use this idea next year when you celebrate Dr. Seuss!  Have any of you had a “Read and Feed” before?

Happy Reading!


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