Hibernation Day!


Last week we celebrated Hibernation Day in my classroom.  It is such a fun day that the kiddos look forward to all year long.  It also kicks off our month long animal unit.  This year we actually had to reschedule because of a Snow Day, but finally it was time to HIBERNATE!

We started our day off by watching the “Hibernation” video on Brain Pop Jr.  If you aren’t familiar with this website, it is a great resource for K-3 that had videos and activities on hundreds of topics.  My kids LOVE it!  You can sign u for a membership or they offer free items as well.

After discussing what we had learned we moved into center time.  The kiddos went to 4 centers for about 15-20 minutes at each rotation.

Center #1: Science – At this center we talked about how food for many animals gets frozen in the snow.  I had frozen raspberries in ice cubes the night before, and we gave one to each student.  We also gave them 2 toothpicks each.  As the students tried to get to their “food” we talked about different ways animals get food from ice and if they thought it would be easy or hard.  Throughout the experiment, my students recorded their process of prediction, procedure, observations and a conclusion on their recording sheets.

Center #2: Literacy – Students made an easy reader at this center.  First they cut out their book pages, put them in order, read the book and then decorated the pictures.  The kiddos loved seeing which animals hibernated and reading the book to each other.

Center #3 Craft – This craft has been around forever but my students always have so much fun with it.  All you need to do is cut a paper plate in half to use as the cave.  Put brown paper behind the “cave” and glue it onto blue paper.  Add 2 google eyes to make the bear peek out of the cave and cotton balls or glitter glue to decorate as snow.

Center #4 Hot Cocoa – Well really it was just warm cocoa, but you get the point!  At this center, students get to fill up their tummies on hot chocolate then “hibernate” in our tent!  As you can imagine it is so much fun!  And, yes of course, we are all wearing jammies!




After center time I love reading the book “Over and Under The Snow” by Kate Messner.  Here are a few other hibernation books that I love…

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for your own hibernation day!  If you would like to check out more activities visit my TPT Kinderbirdies store for the full product.

Happy Hibernating!


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    September 5, 2017 at 5:17 am

    Scientists have been able to get an active ground squirrel to go into hibernation by injecting it with blood from a hibernating squirrel.

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    November 11, 2017 at 6:16 am

    Inside this Hibernation Calendar, you will find links for every subject to a hibernation themed resource.

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