Organization Tips For Your Classroom!

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When taking on the huge task of moving classrooms this year it became very clear how important organization would be in my new space!  I normally love to have things organized around me, but this year I decided to take it to another level.  All of my type A, color coding, teachers out there will agree there is just something so amazing about having everything properly in it’s place!  But whether you are a old pro at organization or just getting started, here are 3 of the best organizing tips that will help any classroom get off on the right foot this school year!

  1. Purge, Purge and then Purge Again! – It is so easy as a teacher to collect anything and everything thatorg FINAL pic 7 you might one day be able to use on some school craft or game.  But that can be too overwhelming and messy.  Space is precious in the classrooms at my school and there just isn’t room to collect.  If it is something that you know you use yearly in your classroom then of course, keep it… but if you didn’t use it all last year or you don’t even know what to use it for… give it away!
  2. Find A Place For Everything! – Finding a place for all of your things is like putting together a big puzzle!  Try to put smaller and alike things together in a bigger container.  Find boxes or bags that will specifically fit what you need to org blog pic 3 FINALcontain and where it will be stored.  Try it out in different drawers or shelves, move things around and explore what will work best.
  3. Get Label Happy! – Label everything!  Find a cute label that matches your classroom theme or colors and get busy.  Be specific on the labels, so that will be able to find what you need in a hurry.  Make sure the labels are easily visible.  Labels don’t help if you can’t see them!org blog pic 4 FINAL


Well, there you go!  Three easy but important steps on your way to an organized classroom!  What methods or tips do you use for organization?  I would love to hear more ideas in the comments!

Happy Organizing Birdies!

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