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It is officially Back To School Time!  As soon as the calendar turns to August 1st, my mind is spinning with all the to – do lists in my head.  One of the really important ways to start the year off on the right track is to send a “Welcome Letter” to my new students.  There is still something so fun and exciting about getting a letter or postcard in the mailbox.  And if you and I think it’s exciting, just imagine how cool it will seem to your little students!

In the letter, I make sure to introduce myself and give a little fun background information.  I also share with the kids and parents a few fun things I have been up to during the summer.  Next, I let them know how excited I am that they will be in my class for the upcoming year and that it will be so wonderful to meet them.  Lastly I give a few details about our “Meet and Greet”  and important first week of school dates.  Every year our school hosts a “Meet and Greet” when the students get to come to school, meet their teachers, get to know their classroom and drop off their school supplies.  I think it is a great transition back into school and an amazing way to ease the kindies into their first day.  It is an open house type activity that runs for about 2 hours.  If your school doesn’t have any type of activity like this I would simple give some important details about the first day of school.

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I have included a sample letter from a made up teacher.  Feel free to use it and get ideas for your own personal letter or postcard.  It will be a great way to get kiddos and parents alike excited about meeting you!

Happy Teaching!

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