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kings kid FINAL PicA “Star of the Week” type program is an amazing way for your students to feel special and get to know their classmates better.  Being a teacher at a Christian school, I also want my students to know just how much they are loved by God!  That is why we celebrate the “King’s Kid”!

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At the beginning of the year, each child is assigned a week when they will be King’s Kid.  This can be done a few ways such as a sign up calendar, randomly assigning each chid a week or giving them the week closest to their birthday or half birthday.

The Friday before each child will be King’s Kid, a letter goes home explaining the plan for their special week.  This gives the parents a reminder and a detailed list of everything they can expect.

Through-out the week, I have each child bring in 3 things.  A poster telling about themselves, a favorite snack to share with the class and a special Show and Tell.  This is so much fun for the “King’s Kid” student and the rest of the class.

On Monday, when the student brings in their poster, they get a special crown to wear and they choose a classroom pointer to use as they share their poster.  I always make sure to take a picture of them in their cute little crown!  Another nice touch is inviting the parents to stay while they share their poster.kk pic3 FINAL

Then after the students have learned a little more about their classmate, we make a book to honor the King’s Kid!  I ask the special student questions in a teacher interview and my kindies write about something new they learned about their friend.  This all gets bound and put together in a nice little book that the King’s Kid will take home on Friday.

Everyone likes to feel special!  I feel these little activities really do a great job in showing each one of my kindies just how wonderful they are.  If you would like to check out my “King’s Kid” product head on over to my TPT store.  What type of “Star Student” program do you use in your classroom?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Happy Teaching!

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