Classroom Reveal!

CR pic 22 FINALWow! I can’t believe my classroom is all done and ready for my kiddos to come to “Meet and Greet” on Monday!   It has been a whirlwind of a week but it finally all came together!

My goal this year was to really create an environment that my Kindies would love coming to everyday.  I wanted things around my room to assist in learning but still be fun, cute and colorful.  If you have been following my Classroom Makeover this summer you will know that I started with a clean slate.  I am so happy with the way all the furniture fits into the classroom and the different learning spaces it provides for my kiddos.  When it came to decorating, I wanted everything to flow nicely, compliment the furniture and of course to add a few little birdies along the way.

This is the view looking into my classroom from the hallway…CR pic 1 FINAL

CR pic 2 FINALHere is the cubby area where the children store their belongings.  There is also a organizer for “Take Home Folders”  and the bulletin board will rotate throughout the year to show student work.

CR pic 16 FINAL

This is my teacher table where I do most of my center teaching from.  I have a storage cabinet that acts as my “desk” and stores materials I need for guided reading and assessments.  The plastic stackable drawer unit holds the copies and materials I will need for the week.  The rainbow drawers organize student work, current projects, and things that need to be assessed or graded, etc…

CR pic 11 FINAL

CR pic 15 FINAL

From this angle you can see our “Class Circle” area.  This is where the students and I gather for mini lessons.  It also serves as my book corner and a great place to build with literacy or math manipulatives.  This double sided storage unit has our Bibles, blocks, and kitchen dramatic play accessories.

The whiteboard holds my schedule, “I Can” statements for the day,” our letter cards and other learning tools.  Our Math bulletin board is everything we need for calendar and classroom jobs.

CR pic 17 FINAL

My TA, Mrs. Nutsch, does most of her center teaching from over here.  She has a kidney shaped table as well and uses the computer behind her.

CR pic 6 FINAL

Our tile area has our easel, a round table for art and projects, along with our sand and water table.  Our classroom supplies fit nicely into those back drawers and cabinets.

CR pic 12 FINALOn my back storage cabinet I have our “Rainbow Behavior Chart” as well as a reminder of our 4 “L’s” Classroom Rules

The King’s Kid bulletin board hangs over the sink…CR pic 19 FINAL


CR pic 9 FINAL

This area holds our “Writer’s Workshop” notebooks and “Guided Reading” book cubbies.  We also have another set of rainbow drawers that hold specific supplies the students use for Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops.

That about sums up the room.  I have loved being in this bright and cheerful space this week and I am so excited to show it to my littles!  Thanks for taking the tour and enjoy a few more photos below!

Happy Teaching!

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CR pic 14 FINALCR pic 13 FINALCR pic 10 FINALCR pic 3 FINALCR pic 4 FINALCR pic 18 FINAL

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