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Well the time has come!  Work Week is upon us.  I am not sure about the school you teach at, but at my school the teachers come back one week before the kids do.  We have time to prepare our classrooms, have tons of meetings and desperately try to be ready for our students the following week.  While it is hard for me as a momma to spend the last week of summer not at home with my own kiddos, I do always love the excitement and buzz in the air as teachers get ready!

As promised, I decided to show you all my daily schedule and explain a typical day for our “Three Full Day Kindergarten” class.  My school also offers a “Five Day Morning Class” and “Enrichment” for our students that need five full days.  So as you can see, it’s kinda a “Build Your Own” Kindergarten.  Our parents love this flexibility and I have to admit I love teaching three days a week.  But it does challenge our schedule!  I want the three days that I am with my kiddos to be meaningful and full of rich content.  Still staying academically appropriate of course!  So here is goes…

My classroom door opens ten minutes before school actually starts.  This gives the kiddos time to come in, put away their belongings, clip on to the behavior chart and start reading a book on the rug.  I do my best to meet the kids at the door and be available to talk to parents and/or students if something comes up.

We start off the day with school wide announcements, the pledge and our “Morning Meeting”.  This is my time to start the day off right and welcome my students.  We usually go over the plan for the day, talk about our theme, and maybe sing a little song.

Then we move into “Reading Workshop”.  This time usually begins with a Read-Aloud or Re-Read.  We have a mini-lesson focusing on a new aspect of reading and then time for the kiddos to share or demonstrate their learning.

Next we move into “Literacy Centers”.  I am such a lucky teacher (and believe me I know it) because not only do I have a full time Teaching Assistant, we also have a parent volunteer come and help at Literacy Time.  This is when I do my Guided Reading and the kiddos work on various literacy activities such as word work, sight words, phonics, etc.  I rotate five groups to five different centers.  Each group spends one of these rotations with me, my TA, a parent helper, independently and with our iPads doing the reading program Lexia.

For the next 15 minutes the kiddos move on to “Recess and Snack” outside with my TA which gives me time to get organized for the next part of our day… and maybe run to the bathroom or refill my coffee!

We have about 20 minutes until the kiddos will head to “Specials” (PE, Music, Library, Art or Chapel).  So this is our “Bible Time” where we study a new Bible story each week.  Often times we read or re-read the story, have discussion time and then worship or reflection.  We close “Bible Time” each day with prayers.  Although we do teach specific Bible Stories, I also believe that is it crucial to incorporate a Christian Worldview into all subject areas.  Click here to read a little more about Christian Worldview.

Then the kiddos are off to Specials for the next 30 minutes.  Usually during this time I have group planning or PLT meetings.

After the kids come back, we transition right into “Writer’s Workshop”.  Each “Writer’s Workshop” consists of a mini lesson, writing/conferencing time and share chair.

By this time, it has been a full and busy morning.  The kiddos and I am ready for lunch.  The kids get 20 minutes to eat and 20 minutes to play.  Let me just say that I LOVE how much my school respects the need for children to be outside and playing in the Colorado sunshine!  We have three recesses a day and I think it is great!

When the kiddos come in from recess we move right into “Math Workshop”.  This block consists of calendar time, a mini-lesson, exploration centers and sharing.  To read more about my “Calendar Time” click here.

The students then get their last “Snack and Recess” of the day.

By this time the kiddos are tired and I am tired so I love doing “Science or Social Studies”.  Our activities or experiments are very hands on and help the kiddos focus even though it is later in the afternoon.

Hang in there, we are almost done!

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays my students will then go to another “Specials” class but on Thursdays they get to do Free Choice Exploratory Centers.  They love this time because they pretty much have free reign over the classroom.  They can paint, explore, play, work in the Maker’s Space… whatever they choose as long as they are following our four classroom “L’s”!  I love to be involved with them during this time and encourage their explorations.  It is always one of my favorite times of the week.

Lastly, we wrap things up with another “Prayer Time” thanking God for our day and praying for specific classroom prayer requests.  Then off the kiddos go to carpool.  Whew!  I am tried just writing about our busy days!

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Of course there are always the special activities and events that totally throw our schedule out the window, but most days this is the plan.  We meet with “Learning Buddies” once a month and have a “Royal Reader” so those days look a little different too.  I hope this helps you get a snapshot into my classroom and maybe helps you plan your day as well!

Happy Planning!

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