Teaching Our Kids To Love America!

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We live in an amazing country!  I think at this special time of year, when we are about to celebrate July 4th, it is a really good starting place to begin instilling a love of our country into our children.

I know that growing up, I was taught that the USA is a incredible country that was founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I was taught to respect the American flag and the freedom that it stood for.  I was told about how many men and women have fought and continue to fight for our country to keep it’s freedom, including my own grandfathers. I was taught that when the national anthem plays, I stand up and put my hand on my heart.  I would see little tears well up in my parent’s and grandparents’ eyes and I knew that it was a sacred song.  I was taught that God has blessed our country and to be an American is a blessing.

And now as an adult, I have those same, deep patriotic feelings for my country.  I celebrate when my country acts in a remarkable way, I mourn with my country when it suffers and I feel disappointment and loss when my country acts in a way I disagree with… but I love my country throughout it all.  Red, white and blue means something to me and I want those colors to mean something to my students.

How amazing would it be, if in each grade level, students were taught a new way to learn about and love the USA.  What if they learned lessons that meant something and were grade level appropriate so they could better understand what it means to be an American!

This shouldn’t just happen when we see fireworks blazing in the night sky or eat a yummy meal of fried chicken and watermelon.  If we took just one hour out of each month during the school year to teach a little patriotism, I think our country and our kiddos would benefit in amazing ways!

I have launched two new products this week at my Kinderbirdies store on TeachersPayTeachers and I am excited to give you a freebie sample of each one here on my blog!

The first product is called “I Am An American” and it takes a look at our country, our flag, our pledge, our anthem and our president.  Click on the FREEBIE picture to download the Pledge of Allegiange poster that you can use in your classroom the first week of school to teach your kiddos the pledge.  You can also click on “I Am An American”  to go to my store and check out more of the product.

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The second product is called “American Symbols” and it focuses on what an American Symbol is, along with 9 of our country’s most recognizable symbols.  As a FREEBIE example, I have included the “Statue of Liberty” anchor chart, informational reading and comprehension questions that you could use with your kiddos!  This can help spark a conversation around why we celebrate July 4th every year.   Click on the picture to download the freebie and click”American Symbols” to go to my store to see the entire product.

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I hope that these products inspire you to bring a little more “USA Love” into your classrooms next year.   I would love to hear about other ideas that you use to teach patriotism to your kiddos!

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    Tomas Killington
    April 7, 2017 at 8:42 am

    My children are getting old enough to start talking and understanding ideas. We want to make sure they have good principles and good morals. I didn’t realize teaching patriotism to children can help establish a love for the USA that will continue through many generations. I’ll be sure to remember this information moving forward.

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