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Sight words are so important when teaching my kindies to read.  They build a strong foundation, help my little readers gain confidence and improve reading fluency!  The problem is there are so many different sight word lists out there… there is Dolch, Fry, High Frequency Words, Curriculum Lists… and it goes on and on and on!

As a Kindie teacher who uses Houghton Mifflin’s “Treasures” curriculum and “Fundations” phonics curriculum (both have built-in sight words with their programs), we try to combine the 2 lists.  But then you also have students that come in and have learned part of one list or program but might be way behind on your list or program!  Ugh!  The teacher struggle is real, am I right?!?

So I thought to myself… we really need a “Build Your Own” Sight Word Program.  Something where teachers can have products for the words that they need but not have to pay for the words that they don’t need.  Plus teachers need a good way to organize this program so kids can work through it at their own pace!

That’s when I got to work on my “Rock Star Reader Sight Word Program“!  This program allows you to pick the sight words your students need to learn and the order they learn them in.  It helps you stay organized with a plan that will work with your kiddos in the classroom, teaching them self-management but still allowing you to properly oversee everything.

To get started first, you build a file box filled with the sight words you want your students to learn and put them in the order you need.  Each Sight Word Packet in my TPT Kinderbirdies store is only $1.00, so it doesn’t break the bank purchasing the sight words you need (and you don’t have to purchase anything you don’t need!).

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The Sight Word Packets each come with six ways to help your students learn that particular word.

  • I Can Read the Word “I”                       rock star pic 10 FINAL
  • I Can Write the Word “I”
  • I Can Find the Word “I”
  • I Can Make the Word “I”
  • “I” Sight Word Mini Book
  • “I” Rock Star Bookmark

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Once the file box is ready to go and filled with your first set of sight words, you teach your students how to work through each of the five activities and keep their work in their sight word folder.  Once a sight word is mastered, students receive a “Rock Star” bookmark for that sight word.  Students can collect all of their “Rock Star” bookmarks on a ring for easy practice and reference.  The bookmarks then become the sixth ways to keep practicing the word and the other words they have learned up to that point.  Then students will move onto the next sight word packet.

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Since this program is self-pacing, students can quickly move through a sight word they may already know or take more time on a sight word they may be struggling with.  You can also have more than one file box in your classroom to provide differentiation for your learners!  Just assess your students at the beginning of the year and then assign them to the box that will best fit their needs.

My “Rock Star Reader Sight Word” product will walk you through how to set things up in your classroom and get the program started.  It comes with detailed instructions, a parent letter and achievement certificates, as well as the sight word packet for “I”.  And it’s a FREEBIE!  That way you can check it out and know if it will work for your classroom before you have to purchase anything!

Once you are ready to get started, there are already over 25 Rock Star Sight Words in my Kinderbirdies TPT store and I more will be uploaded weekly!

I really hope this helps provide a way for you to easily manage sight words in your classroom and encourages your students to grow as readers throughout the year!  Let me know in the comments below how you handle sight words in your classroom and if there are specific sight words that you need.

Happy Teaching!

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