My Six Favorite Literacy Manipulatives

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Math Manipualtives are very popular in Kindergarten classrooms and are amazing learning tools!  (You can check out my 6 favorite math manipulatives here).  Literacy Manipulatives are just as useful for our students.  They help kindies practice their literacy skills, promote individual learning times and provide a different type of learning environment from the regular literacy center.  I have “teacher led” and “free choice” literacy manipulative time planned into my weekly schedules to make sure to give children the opportunity for this great learning!  Ok, so here are my 6 Favorite Literacy Manipulatives that I LOVE to use in my classroom!

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Sound Phones – These little telephones are amazing!  They allow the kids to really “hear” the sounds they are saying or the words they are reading by amplifying the sound.  My kids love them! Five and six year olds think it is really cool to talk into a telephone :0)

fav lit final pic 5LeapFrog ABC Letters – This is a wonderful tool when your littles are still learning letter identification and sounds.  They place the letter into the little house and it sings an adorable song about the letter name and sound.  The only problem about this specific manipulative is having those songs play over and over in your head for the rest of your life!

Magnetic Letters – This is an oldie but a goodie.  We use magnetic letters so many different ways, such as,  sight word building, cvc practice and “name the letter” games.  These are a must in every classroom.

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Sequencing Cards – It is such a important skill for Kindergarteners to learn sequencing.  The students put fav lit final pic 1the cards in order based on what happened first, next and last.  Then once my kiddos are ready to move on we start with saying a sentence about each card and move into telling stories about what is happening on the cards.  The kiddos love to put all of the cards together and have me come pick one set that they can tell a story about.

ABC Puzzles – We use many types of puzzles in my classroom, but ABC puzzles are my favorite.  I have ABC order puzzles and matching letter/sound puzzles.  The students really practice their letters in fun and engaging ways as well as the great fine motor practice of putting puzzles together!

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CVC Word Building Cards – My students love to put these cards together and “tap” out the sounds that they hear.  They always try to complete as many cards as possible and show me all of their hard work.  This manipulative is also great for partner work as the kiddos can learn from each other and work together!

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Well there you have it, 6 amazing Literacy Manipulatives that I love using in my classroom.  What are some of your favorite Literacy Manipulatives?  How often do you let your kiddos learn through play?  I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Happy Teaching!

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