Moving Again?!? – Classroom Furniture #2!

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Well, I am back to share the rest of the brand new classroom furniture I got while re-doing my Kindergarten room this summer.  If you would like to start at the beginning of this crazy journey, click here!

Last week, we talked about the tables, chairs and storage.  Now for the fun stuff!

As you know from some of my other posts, I love when children interact with literacy and math manipulatives.  I truly believe that this should be accessible to the children throughout the day.  So I needed a way to keep all of these manipulatives in an organized place and be able to roll it away when my classroom is used by other programs.  Enter the “Big Bins Storage Unit”!  They each come with nine plastic bins to hold manipulatives so I got two for my room.  They fit right underneath my Promethean board and they have wheels for easy movement!  I am in heaven and I can’t wait to put some adorable labels on them!!!  The storage container you see is the Samla Box from Ikea and if fits two boxes deep for tons for extra storage!

cf pic 10 FINAL

cf pic 11 FINALNext up was a way to hold all of my teaching supplies that I need at my teacher table.  I don’t have a desk in my classroom… I think it takes up way too much valuable space, so this is basically where all those types of “desky” things would go.  I love this “Mobile Teaching Cabinet” because it is small enough to fit right where I need it, it locks and it has wheels.  What’s not to love?


Dramatic Play in a Kindergarten room is very important.  The room I moved from was so small and while I was able to have blocks, I couldn’t fit a kitchen.  I was so excited when I found this “Space Saver Play Kitchen” and “Heavy Duty Double Sided Storage Unit”.  This kitchen has four interactive sides that students can play with and it easily slides up against the corner when not in use.  This storage unit is right at the students level and provides so much space to hold dishes and food for the kitchen, plus blocks and accessories as well.  These items are something that we share with the other programs that use my classroom so I love that they are heavy duty and have a lifetime warranty!

cf pic 12 FINAL    cf pic 13 FINAL

Thinking and planning for my classroom library was somewhat of a challenge.  My books and the cf pic 14 FINALorganization of my books are very important to me.  I knew that I would need to be able to have something easy to move or cover so that only my students had access.  I loved this “Mobile Book Organizer” as a great solution!  It has four compartments on the top that I will use for theme based picture books and four compartments on the bottom that I can use for themed based leveled books.  All of my books change out by theme so that my kiddos are reading about relative content and get new books often.

The Easel and Sand/Water Table were a few pieces of furniture that didn’t come from Lakeshore but are amazing all the same.  This four person easel is not only huge and can hold four kids, it comes with storage underneath!  The Sand/Water Table is a big size to fit many curious hands and has a drain at the bottom for easy clean up!  Oh the fun messes we will make here!

easel pic final sw table pic final

Ok, now for the big reveal!  Last week I told you that I had found my FAVORITE PIECE OF TEACHING FURNITURE EVER!  It is the “Store It all Teaching Center”!  This thing is amazing!  It makes all my teacher dreams come true!  It has a wipe board, felt board, big book storage, cubby storage, bottom shelves and a top shelf with border so things don’t fall out when you move it.  Yes, it is on wheels!  The top shelf also has a rung so you can use clips and hang your anchor chart paper on it!  This thing does it all and I can’t wait to experiment with all the different ways it will be helpful!

cf pic FINAL 15 cf pic FINAL 16 cf pic FINAL 17 cf pic FINAL 18

I think that about sums up all of the furniture in the classroom.  Now I just have to wrap my head around moving everything into my new space and ORGANIZATION!  Wish me luck!

Happy Teaching!

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