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After looking at many different brands and doing my own quality testing,  I decided to go with Lakeshore Learning for the furniture in our 2 Kindergarten classrooms.  Our school looked at a lot of different furniture companies and products.  I can say without a doubt that Lakeshore really stood out to me.  We also had used some Lakeshore furniture in another classroom and I knew it was great quality!

I poured over their catalog to see what the best fit for our little Kindies would be.  I also had to keep in mind that our school shares space with the church.  So on Sunday mornings and a few nights during the week, there are church activities and volunteers in my room.  There are some things that are simple to share and I am happy to do it.  But other things need to be easily rolled away or turned around to be kept safe for my students.

I knew that I wanted to keep different flexible learning spaces in my classroom, so I wanted to stay away from desks.  Plus, my kindies need sturdy and kid friendly furniture that can take a beating.  I was thrilled to find these “Heavy Duty Adjustable Tables and Chairs”.  They have sturdy and thick legs to provide more stability.  They easily wipe clean and come with a lifetime warranty!  I think they look amazing and I can’t wait for my littles to sit down and get to work!

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I also ordered two kidney shaped “Teacher Tables”.  I am blessed with a full time Teaching Assistant in my Kindie classroom and we both work with a center group multiple times throughout the day.  I wanted us both to be able to have a space where the children could work with us and each other in a comfortable way.  These tables do just that and have a pretty little colored stripe around the edge :0)

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The little stools you see on the round table are one of the few pieces I didn’t get from Lakeshore.  They are called “Hooki Stools”!  I just love them and they provide flexible seating options for my kindies who need to get some wiggles out while working!

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Organizing what each kindie brings to school everyday can be a nightmare.  For a lot of the year in cf pic FINAL 6Colorado, not only do they have backpacks and lunches, they also come with boots, snow pants, gloves, scarves, hats… for the love!  Sometimes I feel like I need another whole classroom just to contain it all!  SO, of course, I fell in love with these “Heavy Duty Coat Lockers”.  Each child shares a hook space (2 hooks, one for each coat) but they get their own personal bucket either above or below their hook!  Amazing!  They can cram all of their little belongings into those buckets and I can just push the mess away.  My organized little heart goes pitter patter!


cf pic FINAL 8cf pic FINAL 9Storage and cabinet space is always an issue.  Sharing with the church means that they need storage space too, and the cabinets and drawers that are built in just won’t cut it!  So we ordered a “Heavy Duty Locking Storage Cabinet” that will hold an amazing amount of my stuff, as well as a “4 Shelf Space Saver Bookshelf” that will provide a great place for the students writing journals and cubby slots!

The last piece of furniture I am going to share with you all today is one of my favorites!  It’s the “All Purpose Classroom Tray Storage Center”,  It comes with 24 areas that all have their own colored tray.  We use this to organize Friday folders, which is the system we use to get all of the handouts and things we worked on during the week to the parents.  All throughout the week as papers are graded or projects are finished they are put into their little drawer.  That way on Friday all we have to do is take what’s in the drawer, put it in their folders and send it home!  Have I mentioned that I loved being organized :0)cf pic FINAL 7

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into the way my new classroom is coming together!  I have even more furniture to share with you next week like our easel, kitchen, rolling storage bins and my FAVORITE PIECE OF FURNITURE EVER!  Until then…

Happy Teaching!

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