Erin Condren Teacher Planner Review!

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Ok, so I kept thinking to myself, is the hype real?!?  Is this planner so amazing?!?  Well, I am here to tell you ….

YES!  This is a great organizational planner that I think all principals should just buy for their teachers, automatically… like every year :0)

When I went to the TPT Mountain State Meet Up here in Colorado there were amazing giveaways and swag bags! (Shout out to my mountain teachers!!!)  I was lucky enough to win an Erin Condren 2016-2017 Teacher’s Lesson Planner, an adorable T-shirt that matches, the Plan For It Pouch, Gemstone Rollerball Pens and a Good To Go Carry All Clutch!  Needless to say it was amazing!

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I was so excited to race home and check it all out!  Let me tell you this planner has everything!

The cover is laminated with a hard plastic that not only protects but serves as a wipe board for notes. (adorable)

planner pic 2 FINAL planner pic 5 FINAL

The first section is for at-a-glance personal information, classroom events, birthdays, sub info, absences, etc. (very practical) planner pic 14 FINAL

Next comes the year plan calendar which is great for long term lessons or project planning and to get a snapshot of your school year at a glance! (organization is key!)

planner pic 13 FINAL

Then comes each month with three pages for notes after the monthly calendar. (I love that added touch – I am always scribbling down little notes that I can’t find afterwards)

planner pic 12 FINAL

Next comes the actual lesson plan calendar by week.  It has the weekdays down the side and 7 subject or time slots across the top. (perfect)

planner pic 4 FINAL

It finishes up with student checklists, some cute stickers, a pocket folder and protective sleeves.  She really thought of everything!  And not only do I have an adorable planner, I can keep it and all the accessories in the clutch.  Simple, stylish and fun!  I am in LOVE!

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