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Teaching my students through a Christian Worldview is very important to me and I have found that a great place to begin incorporating it into my classroom is through Science.  In Kindergarten, students love discovering the world around them.  What a great opportunity to teach them about our Creator who made all of these amazing things!  I have created 4 Science “I Can” Statements that we use in our classroom to help direct a Christian Worldview when teaching.  So let’s put on our “God Goggles” and get started!

  1. I can observe the world that God made. – So many times I find my Kindergarteners just wanting to explore the tiny little things that we pass by every day, like the worm under the wood chips or the leaf that fell in their path.   I love to provide a variety of items from nature so they can use their magnifying glasses and just discover the beauty in God’s creation
  2. I can ask questions about why and how God made all things. – Teaching our students that it is wonderful to ask questions from an early age is really important.  God wants them to discover and question the world around them so that they can find their truth in Him.
  3. I can investigate and learn about God through His creation. – I love providing a way for my little learners to practice their critical thinking.  Encouraging your students to think about what we can learn about God through His creation is a great way for them to draw closer to God and know Him more deeply.  We can learn that God loves beauty through investigating a butterfly.  We can learn that God takes care of His creation by studying life cycles.   You and your students can also use the Bible to discover what God says about his Creation.
  4. I can communicate with others what I have learned about God. – When our students learn and discover they are excited to share their learning with others.  Providing them ways to do this through writing, songs, pair/share is an excellent way to not only share about God but, also check their understanding and learning.

I hope these Science I Can Statements can help you incorporate a Christian Worldview in your classroom!  I have made classroom anchor posters for each “I Can” and they are available for FREE at my Kinderbirdies TeachersPayTeachers store.  Click here or on the picture to download them!

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Happy Teaching!

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