New Farm Theme!

With our new Reach for Reading curriculum this year, I was so excited when I saw they had a farm theme!  I have never done an entire Farm Unit so I was thrilled to jump right in.

We kicked off our fun with a field trip to the Chatfield Farm and Pumpkin Patch!  My students got to learn about life on a farm, the pumpkin lifecycle and even pick out a little pumpkin to take home.  It was so much fun and a perfect fall day!


Throughout this whole theme we will be working on farm animal research projects!  Each student picks a farm animal, researches where that animal lives, what they eat and that animal’s characteristics.  Then we will be having a Animal Masquerade Party at the end of our theme!  How cute, right?!?  I love how Reach For Reading has unit projects!

I made a new resource that helped supplement our theme and of course, it’s free!  Head on over to the Math and Discovery page and you will find it at the bottom under Science and Social Studies or just click the picture.

We also got some cute farm animal manipulatives and a puzzle from Lakeshore.  I love how my students are using the farm animals and building a farm with blocks.  The puzzle has also been very fun for them to work on together.

Lastly, we are incorporating colors into this theme as well.  Each day my students do a page in their Color Journal and I have specific activities to learn color words.  This Color Pumpkin Write The Room was a huge hit!  My Colors! Activity Packet is available on the Math and Discovery page too!

We are right in the middle of this Farm Theme but so far it’s going great!  It is also really fun for me to be able to teach new content.  Do you teach a Farm Theme with your kinder?  I would love to hear about some of your cute ideas!

Happy Teaching!

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