Three Day Kindergarten Schedule

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has been settling into summer and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. This week my daughter and I went on a hike with some friends! It was so nice to be outside in God’s beautiful creation.

Isn’t it crazy how your teacher brain starts thinking about the next school year right away? If I had an off switch I would use it, but unfortunately I don’t! Whose with me ?!?

Often times when I chat with other teachers we end up discussing scheduling and how to fit as much meaningful and engaging curriculum as possible into one day of school. Teaching only three days a week makes this an even harder problem for me!

Today I thought I would go over my weekly schedule and show you all how I fit things in! I love looking at other kindergarten teacher’s schedules to see if I can pick up any tips or tricks :0)

As you can see, in the morning is when I like to get a majority of my literacy done. Providing time each day for independent reading and independent writing are two areas that I just won’t budge on! They are so important to building solid readers and writers.

In the afternoon, things are a little more relaxed, especially at the beginning of the school year when my little learners are building up stamina to be at school all day. I love to have free choice time for my kindergarteners where they can learn through hands on play like blocks, sensory table, play dough, easel and dramatic play opportunities. One of my favorite times is at the end of the day when we slow down, have a class devotion and pray together. It sends the kids home on a positive note and is another way I can show them each how much I love them!

I hope seeing my schedule helps some of you plan your day and I would love to hear from my fellow teachers about how they use their classroom time too! Make sure to check back for my next post when I will have my new “Sun Moon and Stars” resource available to download!

Happy Summer!

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