First Fifty Freebies!

First of all, I want to thank everyone so much for all of their love and encouragement since my last post!  I knew that I was doing what God wanted, but to also hear and feel all of the love from friends, family and fellow teachers was amazing.  You have all truly touched my heart!

With that being said, Wow!  It is a huge amount of work to upload 50 free products in a week!!!  But I am so excited to share these with you all, FOR FREE!

I tried to think of the best way to organize everything… so here it goes.  There are 3 boxes on my main page.  The titles are “Literacy and Theme Resources”, “Math and Discovery Resources” and “Christian Resources”.  It’s pretty self explanatory but if you click on those links you will be taken to the products that fall under those categories.  They all come in PDF form and you just download them!  “Math and Discovery” will be math , science, and social studies resources.  “Literacy and Themes” will be reading, writing and eventually specific times or year or seasons.   Even though it’s not up yet, I plan to put Christmas and Easter under the “Christian Resources”.  You can also just search for specific things by name.

I have the first fifty products up and I tried to do a little mix of everything with a few of my favorites sprinkled in.  If you want to get updates on when new products are uploaded you can follow me on Bloglovin, Facebook and/or Instagram.  Also feel free to pin any of the links to spread the word.

Make sure to check out my Biblical Classroom Rules that come in 6 different color versions to match your classroom decor!

I also uploaded my digraph resources under the literacy page.  My students love these packets :0)


Under Math look for Center Activities and Motor Skill Practice!


Let me know what you think about the first set of resources and let me know if you are looking for something specific :0)  Next week’s resources will all be “Back To School” themed so check in next Friday!

Happy Teaching!

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