St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

My students have had so much fun this month exploring rainbows, pots of gold and shamrocks! I have previously posted some free resources that work so well for the month of March (click here for that post), but today I wanted to share with you two activities that have been my favorite!

First is our sensory table! My students love to play and explore what ever goodies I put in there every month. This month (thanks to the Dollar Store) it was beautiful, sparkly and fun!

First I laid down shredded “confetti paper” in rainbow order. Then I added glitter sparkles to each layer to really make is sparkle. Next, came the “pots of gold” full of gold coins and gold sequins. Lastly, came the shamrocks!

Now of course it doesn’t stay this pretty all month long, but the looks on my kiddos faces when I “revealed” it was priceless. Even all mixed up, their creativity and imaginations are going strong.

This next activity is a fun and simple way to bring a little Christian worldview into your classroom in the month of March. Since January we have been learning that when Jesus was here on earth he performed miracles and spoke in parables to help people believe and follow Him. First we focused a lot on miracles and now we have moved to parables. We read “The Lost Coin” bible story from The Beginner’s Bible and had a great discussion about how the coins were treasure to the lady in the parable. Then I asked the kids to think about what God’s treasure is and I made them keep all their ideas to themselves (for the time being)! Then we went to our tables and each child had a white piece of paper waiting for them with watercolors nearby. I told the kids that we were going to paint rainbow stripes on the paper and as we did “GOd’s treasure” would appear. (I had already written their names in white crayon on the paper before hand. This way they couldn’t see it, but it would show up through the watercolor.)

The kids were so excited as they got started. Some of them caught on really quick but others were just amazed when they saw their names appearing. After we were done painting we had a great discussion about how each and everyone of them was God’s treasure and that He would always love them.

I hung everyone’s name up as our March bulletin board as I reminder just how special they all are! What are some fun things you do for St. Patrick’s Day? I’d love for you to share in the comments!

Happy Teaching!

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