“Getting To Know” Christian Flip Book Series

I am so very excited to share this resource with you! It is a labor of love and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

This summer it really struck me how blessed I am to be able to share God with my little learners. I am watching these young ones explore their faith in such a precious and pure way. With that being said, I also feel a huge sense of responsibility to make sure I am doing my job well.

I want to provide my kindergarteners with foundational knowledge that will help them grow in their relationship with God. It is so important to me that what I am teaching is biblically based too.

So many times when I teach Bible, we read and discuss stories from the “Jesus Storybook Bible” (which I love!). Then often times the students will reflect in their prayer journals or maybe work on an art project to summarize what we have learned. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of that and wouldn’t change it for the world. But God was really putting something on my heart that said I needed more.

That was when I started creating the “Getting To Know” series of flip books. Each of these resources takes a foundational biblical subject and explores key points all taught in scripture. I love that the children get to complete it in class but that they also get to take it home and share it with their families. In fact, the last page has scripture that they can look up and read together as a family that reinforces the concepts.

My students and families have loved this resource and I hope you will too! You can click on the picture to download the first resource in the series: “Getting To Know God”. Or you can go to the “Christian Resources” page and scroll down to the “Getting To Know” Christian Flip Book section.

This resource comes with four flip books: “Getting To Know God”, “Getting To Know Jesus”, “Getting To Know The Holy Spirit” and “Getting To Know The Trinity”.

I would love your feedback! I am also currently working on the next resource in the series. It will include flip books for “Getting To Know The Church”, “Getting To Know The Bible”, “Getting To Know Prayer”, and “Getting To Know Worship”! You can look for it to be available next month.

Happy Teaching!

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